Working together to connect those in need to care.

Larry Anderson: WellCare Member and Heartland Support Recipient

At WellCare, we understand supporting members goes beyond what many think of as healthcare. In 2018, we partnered with over 850 organizations to connect our members to local social service supports including secure housing, food, education, childcare, utility assistance and transportation.

Heartland Alliance Health, a non-profit organization based in Chicago specializing in treating and supporting people experiencing homelessness, is one of our valued partners. We have an agreement with Heartland to help locate WellCare members and connect them to services in exchange for health data that can assist their organization. They provide on-site primary care, showers, laundry, pharmacy, substance use treatment, Medicaid benefit enrollment, case management and therapy.

Mary Kay Gilbert, Heartland’s Chief Business Officer said, “Many people are one paycheck away from homelessness. In Chicago, four populations make up many of the homeless. These populations are veterans, single moms with children, youth between 18 and 24, and single adults. The homeless look like America.”

Heartland doesn’t wait for people to come to them. They go wherever necessary to find those ready for help. Larry Anderson is grateful they do. Now a 65-year-old WellCare member, Heartland found Larry living underground in an area known as Lower Wacker, a network of underground streets used for transporting trash and freight. The area is loud, smells of diesel emissions and is infested with rats. Met with an offer for a meal, medical care and a warm place to stay, Larry accepted.

Today, Larry has an apartment and WellCare and Heartland work together to maintain his health, improving his quality of life and managing his costs of care.

Community Connections Program

It’s integrated, it’s holistic and it’s local.

Since its inception, WellCare’s Community Connections program has linked more than 102,000 people with over 384,000 services.

We connect members, their caregivers and the community-at-large with needed resources through a network of social service organizations to help remove related barriers to better health and vitality.