• Physical
  • Social
  • Pharmacy
  • Behavioral

Our Holistic Approach To Population Health Defining Our Model

WellCare uses a holistic, customized approach to care for our members based on their unique physical, behavioral, pharmaceutical and social needs. We are able to support the best outcomes possible with our proprietary clinical platform that effectively identifies and stratifies our members’ needs in these four areas, improving care coordination and appropriate utilization.

Understanding our members’ social needs and barriers is an important part of our solution because it enables us to address quality-of-life challenges that make it more difficult for them to access the care they need to achieve their health and wellness goals. When our members are connected to supports like job, education and utility assistance, we see better medication adherence rates, increased independence, lower hospital admissions and improved physical and behavioral health outcomes.

Whether someone is a Medicaid member who is medically complex and needs more intensive support in all four areas or a Medicare Advantage member who is isolated and simply needs help in connecting with others, our approach enables the earliest intervention possible to address conditions before they develop or worsen. Ultimately, this helps reduce the need for more significant interventions and supports our members in living the best quality of life possible.