Ninety-two year-old Geraldine Lewis, a WellCare Medicare Advantage member for more than 16 years, just needed a little help to get back to her active lifestyle.

Connecting Seniors to Needed Resources

Nationally, 65-and-over is the fastest growing age group and is projected to become 20 percent of the population by 2030. Poised for this growth opportunity, WellCare helps address seniors’ unique needs through its Center for CommUnity Impact.

WellCare created the Center to holistically support member health and independence beyond our health plan benefits. With a growing database of more than 200,000 resources, it can be a lifeline for seniors who have limited options.

Meet Geraldine Lewis, a 92-year-old WellCare Medicare Advantage member for more than 16 years. Geraldine prides herself on her sharp mind, still living independently in Florida and keeping up her life-long habits of exercise and healthy eating. “I live a pretty good life,” she said. But recently, Geraldine suffered a health crisis. Even though she prepared well for retirement, she found it difficult to pay for the medications she now has to take to maintain her health.

Sarah Alleyne, a WellCare care coordinator, reached out to Geraldine because her responses to a health survey indicated she needed some help. Hearing Geraldine’s struggle, Sarah quickly connected her to the Center for CommUnity Impact, which was able to provide a resource that reduced her prescription co-pays. Asked her thoughts about WellCare’s support, Geraldine said, “What they do is great. At my age, help is so appreciated.”